10 Reasons to Start a Career in SAP Security and GRC?

SAP Security is a rapidly expanding field that is still in its infancy. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds and the number of professionals working in it has skyrocketed. More than just a career, SAP Security and GRC is becoming an integral part of the future of society. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider starting your career in Sap security and grc consultant.

1- This career only gets better with age –

As you grow into this field, so will your skill set. Over time, you’ll learn different ways to approach certain tasks that ultimately lead to better results as well as more opportunities for advancement within this field.

2- A career in SAP Security and GRC offers a high salary compared to other sectors –

SAP Security and GRC is predicted to be one of the most in-demand jobs of the next few years. We estimate that the shortage for SAP Security module professionals could reach over 100,000 people by 2020. By then, we expect salaries for these professionals to rise up as well.

3- You’ll have an opportunity to work with some of the biggest technology companies –

Almost every Fortune 500 company has a security department or division at some level, which means a career in this field offers an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in corporate America. Even some small companies are implementing new measures and investing more into securing their network and data.

4- SAP Security and GRC professionals excel in this field –

With over 200 vendors and more than 20,000 job vacancies in the fields of application security, SAP Security and GRC, this field has a high demand for professionals. The attraction of working at one of these companies may be your most important consideration when deciding which industry to go after.

5- You can control your own schedule –

Most companies in this field allow you to work independently or as a member of a team. Because it’s not a traditional full-time job, you have the flexibility to manage your hours and choose how long you want to work each day.

6- You’ll have the opportunity to shape the company –

If you like working in a growing field, chances are that this is your kind of industry. The best part about it is that practically everyone except for some of the smallest companies offer benefits and career paths for employees who want to make changes.

7- The salaries will only continue to increase –

While salaries might not be in the same range as other jobs in IT, it’s widely accepted that security professionals can expect higher than average salary increases. The shortage of skilled employees means that employers can’t find enough candidates for certain positions, so they must pay more to attract those candidates.

8- You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference –

While this is not necessarily true of all security professionals, those who work in this field are able to make significant changes to ensure that businesses’ information is safe from data breaches.

9- You can work from anywhere –

While there are a few states where you’ll find better job opportunities for this field, you can still make an impact no matter where you move. One of the biggest perks of working in SAP Security and GRC is that you can take your skills with you wherever your career takes you.

10- The world needs more professionals like us –

SAP security GRC training offers a type of training that not many other professions offer.


GRC will zero in on enabling organizations to seek after additional opportunities, markets, and advancements. The professional workplace is turning out to be progressively serious and problematic.


The organizations that sort out some way to face better challenges drive more prominent execution, and show better administration will be the ones to watch out for. We here at Security Pilgrim are here to empower you in making your business vigorous and digital protection.