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What is SAP PI/PO?

SAP is one of the most widely used tools across the world and finds its application in almost every industry. SAP PI/PO is one of the key tools that help users to integrate solutions. PI stands for Process Integration and PO stands for Process Orchestration. It allows easy synchronisation of data between different systems.At Igrow soft solutions, we use SAP PI/PO 7.5

SAP PI/PO training institute in Hyderabad

Learning the skills in SAP PI/PO can lead you to a prospective career and the possibilities are endless.

At Igrow soft solutions, one of the best SAP PI/PO training institutes in Hyderabad, we have developed a dedicated module to teach SAP PI/PO. We provide basic to advanced level courses which are real-time and placement focused and includes a lot of real-time scenarios and projects under the guidance of Mr SAi Sravan Sir who has a vast experience in the SAP industry. The course is designed to make the students industry-ready with in-depth concepts and practical hands-on learning.

How Is Igrow Soft Solutions helpful for SAP PI/PO course?

We offer flexible class timings and the students receive constant support from the teacher. We provide with soft copy of materials along with class notes and real-time specifications as well. The course duration is 2 months with 1.5 hrs of classes each day. Our motto is to provide quality-oriented teaching using effective and unique methods. Our methods have made us one the leading SAP PI/PO training institutes in Hyderabad with a lot of students placed successfully across several sectors.

Who is the course ideal for?

BTech/BCA graduates with a good knowledge of basic programming and good problem-solving abilities are ideal for the course. But other graduates can also choose to pursue it.

Career Scope

SAP PI/PO is one of the most widely used tools worldwide and hence the demand for skilled and efficient employees is also present. With a sound knowledge of SAP PI/PO, you can apply for several positions and give your career the boost it needed. Our SAP PI/PO training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad has helped several students achieve their dreams and they haven't had to look back since then. Get in touch to know more in detail.

What does our course cover?

  • Introduction: What is middleware? What is Integration and why? Introduction to SAP Net Weaver.
  • Difference between XI, PI and PO
  • Difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • Introduction of PI/ PO tools: Design Time Components, Configuration time Components, Configuration time Components.
  • System Landscape Directory: Business System, Business Component, Technical System, Software component.
  • Enterprise Services Repository: How to Import Software components, Namespace, Data type, Message type, Service Interface, Message mapping, Operation mapping, external definition, functional library and Fault message types.
  • Integration Directory: Communication channel, Integrated Configuration( ICO) and Configuration scenario.
  • Configuration and Monitoring: Communication channel monitor, Message monitor, IDOC Adapter monitor, Component monitor and Cache monitor.
  • Communication Adapters: SOAP, REST, RFC, IDOC, JDBC, File,SFTP and PROXY.
  • Types of Mappings: Graphical mapping, Java mapping and XSLT mapping.
  • Predefined Functions: Arithmetic, Boolean, Text, Conversions, Date, Constant, Node Functions and Statistic.
  • User-Defined Functions.
  • Net Weaver BPM (NWBPM): Introduction, Difference between CCBPM and NWBPM and introduction of NWDS.
  • Integration Scenarios: File to file, SOAP to RFC, REST to RFC, File to IDOC, JDBC to File, RFC to REST, IDOC to JDBC, JDBC to IDOC, SOAP to PROXY and REST to PROXY.

Our module guided by Sai Sravan Sir has turned out to be very successful with great results for several students.

SAP PI/PO Material



SAP PI PO Training in Hyderabad | SAP PI Institutes Training in Hyderabad

SAP PI PO Training in Hyderabad | SAP PI Institutes Training in Hyderabad

SAP PI PO Training in Hyderabad | SAP PI Institutes Training in Hyderabad

SAP PI PO Training in Hyderabad | SAP PI Institutes Training in Hyderabad

SAP PI PO Training in Hyderabad | SAP PI Institutes Training in Hyderabad
SAP PI PO Training in Hyderabad | SAP PI Institutes Training in Hyderabad
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