SAP Process Integration (PI) or Process Orchestration (PO) is a technological tool that integrates solutions by synchronizing data between various SAP systems. SAP PI allows the user to maintain all the connections in one place by forming an easy integration system. With this module, any learned user can build his/her own integration process without any difficulty. 

Studying and understanding SAP PI/PO is simple but you need to be completely focused on the system. With thorough learning, you will gain basic to in-depth knowledge about SAP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP PO. Also, you will be capable of handling everything from file-to-file scenarios to web service developments. 

Where to learn SAP PI/PO from?

If you are looking for the best SAP PI institute to enrol for the training course, undoubtedly, Igrowsoft is the one! From top-class teaching to flexible class times, the institute has created an environment perfectly suitable for students all over the country. The SAP PI course structure has been set, keeping in mind, the needs and advancement of the industry. Moreover, the teachers here belong to the industry where they have gained every kind of working experience. Learn first-handily from them and prepare yourself to face the real world! 

This is one of the leading schools for SAP PI training in Hyderabad; also in India. The flexible online or in-class learning will provide every kind of information regarding the course. Here all the trainees are taught in a subject-based manner. With a thorough and detailed understanding of the module, you will become a professional expert in no time. 

How much time does it take to learn SAP PI/PO? 

Well, it may depend on the institutions. Igrowsoft, being a world-class SAP training school, do not take excess time from the trainees. The SAP PI/PO training course is for 45 days. Within this time period, you will be given every necessary lesson along with theoretical and practical knowledge. Furthermore, you get to have 100% placement assistance from Igrowsoft upon completion of the course. Therefore, you will never have to sit empty-handed at the end of training. The students, after passing out from Igrowsoft, has joined the industry and became able to prove their capabilities effortlessly. 

What will you learn from the SAP PI training?

  • You will know about SAP AG and SAP NetWeaver
  • You will study the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.
  • The fundamentals of SAP PO will be taught in detail.
  • You will become an expert in creating, developing, and monitoring simple to advanced integration scenarios.
  • You can easily create a file to file integration setting.
  • You will learn to form multiple web service integration processes.
  • You will be able to easily notice and handle any possible errors in the system.
  • You get to understand every edge of the SAP PO module.

Future scope for SAP PO/PI:

The IT sectors all over the world are in continuous need of expert SAP Process Integration consultants who can manage the integration solutions. These companies are searching for good employees who understand the whole SAP PI module and are able to maintain the system efficiently. To create and handle the whole SAP PO/PI system, the companies look for learned yet fresh faces so they can grow and make the organisations grow. Therefore, SAP PI/PO future scope has turned into a green signal for students who are planning their careers and wishing to enter the industry. With globalization, the need is growing every single day. Also, the payment for SAP PI specialists is quite high. So, learning SAP PI/PO within a very short time and holding a professional certificate will only gain you success and growth. 

Who can take the SAP PI/PO online training courses?

Usually, any student who has an interest in SAP modules and wishes to learn SAP NetWeaver processes in depth can enrol for the SAP PI/PO training courses. Also, SAP technology consultants, integration specialists, and IT architects can any day take the course to learn and gain knowledge about SAP PO/PI. 

Summing Up

Each passing day the need for expert SAP PI consultants are increasing. Not just in India but also the whole world is in constant need of employees who can manage the SAP module proficiently. While SAP PI is the tool to create and manage integration, the fine experts play the role of the ultimate dictators who control the whole thing. Thus, their expertise is equally important. The SAP PI/PO training course gets the students ready and prepares them for all of it.