The Finance and Cost management module of SAP ERP is vastly known as SAP FICO. The ‘FI’ in FICO represents Financial Accounting while the ‘CO’ is for Controlling. The module is deeply integrated with SAP SD, SAP PP, and Sales and Material Management. This vast yet strong segment includes almost each and every business process implemented across industries. SAP FICO is been used widely at present.

Thus, consultants who know and understand the SAP FICO module are needed all over the world. Now, let’s have a look at where and how to get professionally trained in the SAP FICO module…

What is the future scope for SAP FICO consultants?

With the constant growth of the market, industries throughout the globe are beginning to choose the advanced path to achieve success. The way the requirement of SAP FICO operators is increasing every day, there will be no lack of scope. Apparently, the reports say that within the next five years this demand going to touch the sky. Therefore, with proper knowledge of the module and a professional degree at hand, consultants will never have to worry about getting into the industry. 

Which Industries Need SAP FICO Consultants?

SAP FICO consultants are trained to work in several kinds of industries. So, learning the module professionally and earning an SAP FICO degree will open multiple paths for the students. Not only do they earn a promising job but also gets to choose which industry they want to work in. The industries include automobile companies, oil and gas sectors, consumer products, construction, healthcare, telecommunications, chemical companies, utility, industrial machinery, various government sectors, and the list goes on. 

What does the SAP FICO course teach?

Like we have already mentioned SAP FICO is a very integral part of SAP ERP. And to learn about this essential module is like going through several sub-components like a pro. So, let’s have a look at what SAP FICO covers –  

  • Finance accounting basic archive
  • FICO accounts (receivable and payable)
  • Asset accounting
  • Bank accounting
  • Financial accounting in Travel management
  • Financial accounting control and legal alliance

Where to use SAP FICO?

SAP FICO is used in the industries for the management of financial accounting data within a transnational background of several organisations, languages, and currencies. The consultants take care of all kinds of implementation of financial accounting and cost accounting. The major areas that SAP FICO mainly looks after are – 

  • Accrual
  • The fixed asset of the companies
  • Cash journal and its management
  • Receivable and payable accounts
  • Inventory
  • Tax accounting detail
  • General ledger
  • All kinds of financial reports 
  • Parallel valuations 
  • Fast close functions
  • Master data governance

Who can go for the SAP FICO training course?

SAP FICO is a correlated module of financial accounting and data management. Thus students who have immense interest in –

  • Finance, Accounting, and management of the sector.
  • Configuration researching
  • Business processes and management
  • Finance-oriented different tasks in various industries

Where to getthe best SAP FICO training and placement from?

Remember while searching for SAP FICO institutes, numerous institutions are offering the same kind of excellence. It is upon you to get a hold of genuine and fine reviews of an institution.

It is important to look for the course structure along with the placement availability of the training school. Igrowsoft is one such school that provides the best SAP FICO online training. The Hyderabad-based institute is undeniably the finest one in India. From subject-oriented teaching to taking the learners into the core of the module, Igrowsoft introduces a learning formula so advanced that the students are bound to get an amazing study experience.

Also, the learned instructors in the institute possess years of experience from the industries at various corners of the world. Igrowsoft’s SAP FICO course structure emphasizes education quality. The course includes both subjective and practical studies. Furthermore, the students get flexible class timings, doubt solving, every kind of study material, and work experience on various projects. The placement assistance of the school is undoubtedly the best. in addition, the SAP FICO course fee is very affordable. With real-time learning through live classes, Igrowsoft stands as the best in the country.

What do SAP FICO consultants do?

  • Performing SAP BW in various projects.
  • Guiding consultants who manage SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP PS, SAP PM modules.
  • Business needs that are related to a financial arrangement.
  • Managing the financial accounting segment of the business
  • Looking for possible finance accounting issues that may affect the business

Summing Up

With the growing requirements of SAP FICO consultants across industries worldwide, it is really efficient to earn an SAP FICO degree. Igrowsoft drives into the depth of the module to let the students explore each and every edge. That is why Igrowsoft stands as the best SAP FICO institute in India.