Benefits of System Integration Using SAP PI/PO & Its Training

How to learn SAP PI/PO?

SAP Process Integration and Orchestration covers vast areas. To learn the whole module, one has to be able to grasp how SAP tools work. You must learn about the components and their use. The second stage introduces in-depth training and experiments. All the practical works begin from here. Then comes the part where you implement your lessons and find out how skilled you have become. When you can manage projects from beginning to end, you will be considered as a skilled trainee. A consultant cannot afford to have an error in the projects. 

How long does SAP PI/PO online training take?

Becoming an expert is never easy! The same rule applies here in SAP courses. It cannot happen overnight nor does it take ages. While enrolled in an SAP institute you can speed up your studies through video tutorials so it becomes easier to grasp the subject when being taught in classes. 

After proper training both subjective and practical, one can become a learned SAP expert. Real projects that you work on are the ones that speak for your skillset. And its success depends on what technique and tools you use.

Usually, it takes six months to a year of fieldwork to become a consultant. Within that time, one learns how to work efficiently in the field. You get to use your training and knowledge and finally, with the completion of the projects, you turn into an SAP PI/PO consultant.

What will you learn in SAP PI/PO training course?

SAP PI/PO covers a vast area of SAP ERP modules. While getting the SAP PI/PO certification training, you will be taught – 

  • Details of SAP AG and SAP Net weaver
  • General knowledge of SAP Net weaver Process Integration
  • The essentials lessons of SAP Process Integration
  • How to create, implement, and monitor advanced integration scenarios.
  • To create a web service to web service integration process
  • Use the Java applet of SAP PI
  • How to monitor errors, manage details of them, and take immediate action to fix the errors.
  • Use of SAP PI enterprise services respiratory
  • Use of SAP PI Directory

And many such areas…

Who can learn SAP PI/PO?

  • Interested students with basic SAP knowledge
  • Interested students with elementary SAP NetWeaver knowledge
  • Basic integration knowledge
  • SAP technology consultants wishing to increase their reach
  • Integration experts
  • IT Architects

Future scopes post-learning SAP PI/PO:

As an SAP module that integrates different genres of the SAP ERP, it possesses numerous prospects. It offers amazing opportunities for those who learn and understand the module. SAP comes as a pathway for a world that is promoting digitalization. Reportedly, SAP PI will continue to rule over the SAP modules for the next decades. The technology may advance and take the latest forms, but the core aspect will be just the way it is. Therefore, industries throughout the globe are looking for experts who understand the module and can work tirelessly.

Is it easy to learn SAP PI/PO?

SAP PI/PO is a module that touches various genres of SAP. An SAP PI/PO consultant is capable of handling everything, be it file-to-file sectors or web service developments. Therefore, every trainee is taught each corner of the module in minute detail. Learning SAP PI/PO is not hard if one is completely dedicated to gaining knowledge. All you need is to be focused on the system and the entire module will come into your grasp within a limited time.

Where to get SAP PI/PO training?

There are numerous institutes all over India that teaches the SAP modules. But Igrowsoft is one school that does not only provide quality lessons but also trains the students to be capable consultants. The institute offers the finest SAP PI/PO online training in Hyderabad

Igrowsoft is connected to industries all over the world. The tutors at Igrowsoft have worked in various industries for years and they spread their hard-earned experiences and knowledge with the trainees here.

The SAP PI/PO course structure has been designed in a way that allows the students to explore every required area. The trainees do not only get subject-oriented lessons but also receive practical training. The classes are flexible and are made to assist the students in every possible way. They are groomed by the institute, so they can fit in the corporate world effortlessly. Also, Igrowsoft provides world-class SAP PI/PO course training with placement. The students receive all kinds of placement assistance from the school till they get into the industry. So, getting admission at Igrowsoft will only open paths to a brighter future!