SAP ABAP is anelevated programming language created by SAP. The ABAP here stands for Advanced Business Application Programming, the syntax of which is similar to that of COBOLa programming language. Now, let us see why is this programming module so useful?

ABAP is an advanced programming language which is a more integrated part of SAP. The module is one of the most important programming languages along with JAVA. It is an application-specific language used for the SAP Net Weaver Application Server platform for the building of business applications specifically for material management, financial and management accounting.

It was developed to customize the SAP EPR platforms along with customized workflow for material management, asset management and development of the commercial application. This was originally introduced by the developers for the designing of the SAP R/3 platform and also with the motive of enhancing SAP applications for the customers for developing customized reports and interfaces with ABAP programming.

 Apart from this, it is useful for high-level abstraction from a basic database. It allows several users to have access to the database at the same time through OLTP (online transaction processing).

The SAP buffering feature provides the user with a better experience at database access and also in SAP ABAP, the database access is pre-integrated with the source code via the Open SQL statements. It also has the feature with the help of which large amount data get stored in the internal memory automatically without any added functioning by the user.

SAP ABAP makes the creation of new programming more advanced like it provides the programmers with the opportunity of writing source code in ABAP, which is known as the ABAP WORKBENCH. In SAP, the code and data types are strictly separated.

Documentation of the data types can also be stored here.

One of the properties which set SAP ABAP apart from the other programming language is that SAP ABAP programs get stored in the SAP database table, where applications are separate files. Within the database, it gets stored as source code which can be seen in the ABAP WORKBENCH tool while as generated code in binary representation. In addition to the ABAP WORKBENCH, some new features have also been added which are as follows:-

  • Syntax highlighting code completion (auto-completion of code)
  • Refactoring (structural improvement of source texts, renaming variables and methods

 It opens up a window of career opportunities in business applicationSAP ABAP is the best tool for programmers and developers which is totted to be better than JAVA.

ABAP is broadly divided into two categories of programs. 

  • Executable programs ( Reports and Modules)
  • Non – executable programs
  • Reports – It is comparatively simple where the user provides parameters based upon which the program produces a report in the form of a list.
  • Module pools – It involves complex patterns with the usage of ‘screens’ where the screen denotes physical images viewed by the user.

The non – executable programs are as follows:-

  • Include Module – Used for subdivision of the large program
  • Subroutine Pools – Contains ABAP subroutines.
  • Function Groups – Contains self-contained modules
  • Object Classes – Similar to JAVA with a set of methods and attributes, where the first defines methods and attributes while the second set denotes “empty” method definitions.
  • Interfaces – Same as object classes
  • Type Pools – Collection of data types and constants.

How long does it to take learn SAP ABAP?

A beginner learner can learn and adapt the basics of the programming language within two or three months depending on the individual capacity. The knowledge of SQL is an added advantage to this course. Even college students can sign up for this course for job prospects. Advanced learners with knowledge of SAP can use this to expand their knowledge. One of the important advantages of learning SAP is that since it is a high-level language and easy to learn, it is not necessary to develop complex apps like that for JAVA language.

Where to learn from?

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This institute offers  SAP ABAP online certification  after the course, which is highly valued in the corporate world. With the reputation of being better than JAVA, the default language of SAP is ABAP. That is why these days it is preferred by companies for being highly dependent and having accessible management.

Now, coming to the fees for pursuing the SAP ABAP course varies from institute to institute. And it also differs according to the geographical location and standard of living of the particular areas. The course fee is comparatively high in the core area like Hyderabad and commercial centres like that of Bengaluru and Mumbai. But Igrowsoft designed the SAP ABAP training in Hyderabad in the most affordable way!