How to learn and improve SAP ABAP (programming) skills.

System Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP), a multinational enterprise with millions of employees and customers in almost 180 countries are leading the market with its incomparable management of business processes. SAP software is a prevailing instrument for serving companies to accomplish their financial, human resources, logistics, and numerous other business areas. ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) was introduced for the development of many application programs in an improved and easier way.

What is ABAP?

ABAP is a technical language that was developed in the 1980s by the German software company. It is also known as ABAP/4 where the “4” stands for the “Fourth generation language.” Advanced Business Application Programming is a high-level programming language initially formed for report creation which later evolved into a full language. It was extracted from languages like Java, C, C++, Python and designed by SAP. SAP ABAP helps large organizations to customize the SAP Enterprise resource planning (ERP). It also modifies and provides business solutions in the field of financial accounting, materials management, asset management, and several other modules of SAP. ABAP helps in completing processes more efficiently and effortlessly.

The latest version of ABAP is known as the ABAP Objects and it supports object-oriented programming (OOP). SAP uses both versions of ABAP. Net Weaver is SAP’s current development platform which supports Java and ABAP.


When it comes to programming, SAP ABAP is a simple, event-driven, and easy language to learn and the career scope in this domain is wide. It gives you the option to choose from the different versions, the procedural programming version, or the object-oriented programming version. It helps SAP users to improve or develop their SAP-based applications and allows you to create interfaces, for data conversion, custom reports, and used for the development of MPP (module pool programming), BADI, and many application programs. It is used by several developers to develop the SAP R/3 architecture. ABAP has always been the best option for programmers but for non-programmers, it is not the right tool.

SAP ABAP training and certification in Igrowsoft.

Igrowsoft is the best institute for SAP ABAP in Hyderabad. Being certified not only increases your job opportunities, but you even get paid well. If you are aiming for access to various job opportunities, increased marketability (with the help of certification), to increase your earning potential and economic stability, networking opportunities, personal growth, and motivation, then Igrowsoft is where you will get the finest return on your investment. If you are looking to advance in SAP ABAP then you will find all of it in our institute.

There are many other SAP ABAP training institutes but our platform will give you complete knowledge and even guide you on how to implement your skills with real-time specifications; and hands-on experience, we also provide you with materials and classroom notes. You grow into a professional here, and we at Igrowsoft also assist you by providing placement supervision to get into top-notch companies. We help you implement and develop projects. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty integrating with students.

There are several modules we cover in our course including:

  1. Introduction and understanding of SAP Architecture.
  2. Why is SAP ABAP important?
  3. ABAP Work processes.
  4. Introduction to ABAP/4.
  5. Runtime analysis.
  6. Forms and Scripts.
  7. Difference between pooled and transparent tables.
  8. What is BDC programming?
  9. What is the meaning of the ABAP Dictionary?
  10. Smart forms.
  11. Difference between ABAP and OOABAP.
  12. ABAP editors.
  13. Debugging a script.
  14. Interfaces and conversions.
  15. Module Pool Programming.
  16. Object-oriented ABAP.
  17. BADI and its implementations.
  18. Cross applications.
  19. ABAP on HANA and much more.

Who can apply?

To learn and get certified in SAP ABAP it is always recommended to have technical skills or basic knowledge of programming languages and you should be a graduate in B Tech/BCA. Students to people working in SAP projects all are eligible to enroll for our course. It is always necessary to invest your time and money for learning ABAP in the best SAP ABAP training institutes in Hyderabad.

SAP ABAP course duration and training cost:

Most SAP ABAP courses cost you lakhs of rupees but end up teaching you only the scratch of ABAP. However, with our course you will be fully competent and proficient in working and creating your ABAP programs in a marketable environment.

Wrapping up:

The course we offer you is extremely cost-efficient and beneficial. It not only gives insight into how SAP ABAP works but everything is delivered to you in such a way that you have absolutely no problem in understanding the sequence. If you are among those who are looking for quality training then Igrowsoft is the right terminus. Join our SAP ABAP coaching and get everything you need to become specialized.