How to Become an SAP HCM Consultant? Is SAP HCM Worth Your Time!

SAP Human Capital Management, best known as SAP HCM, is an integrated personnel management system. The module is also known as SAP Human Resources or SAP HR. SAP HCM provides all the functionalities necessary to operate personnel management. 

Currently, SAP HCM is in much demand as companies are turning to technology when it comes to managing the human resources system in a hassle-free way. Therefore, SAP HCM training is a much-valued course that helps the dreamers pave their way into the corporate world!

What is SAP HCM?

The human resources management system was first introduced as the finest successor to SAP HR as it contains all the utilities that are significant for recruits’ administration, applicant management, payroll, and personnel development.

Moreover, this SAP module links employee management with multi-level application and authorization processes. 

Why does a company need an SAP HCM system?

A great number of challenges can be solved through SAP HR. The products of SAP HCM enable digitization and automation of several human resource procedures as well as intelligent recruiting and talent management.

It can also expand alliances with mobile and social ERP! In addition through SAP HR strategic decisions can also be optimized as it can generate flexible reports and insinuations significantly. 

Is learning SAP HR worth it?

SAP HR is as valuable a course as the human resource operation in a company. In a world that is turning towards technology every day to decrease physical workload, SAP HCM comes as the ultimate saviour. Businesses regardless of industries are hiring SAP HCM experts to enhance their development. Therefore, enrolling on the SAP HCM online training and learning the module in the best possible way can only benefit you. 

Also, the annual salary of an SAP HCM/HR consultant ranges between 5 Lakhs to 11.5 Lakhs rupees in India. The average salary is about 8.2 Lakhs/annum for an SAP HR consultant with two to seven years of experience.

Sub-modules that SAP HCM include:

To become an SAP HCM consultant, one needs to go into the depth of the module. Let’s get a look at the sub-modules that you will need to get familiarised with in order to be an expert SAP HCM consultant.

As an exceptionally comprehensive unit, SAP HR contains a vast area. So, we have mentioned the key components of the SAP module. They are – 

  • Personnel Time Management (PT)
  • Payroll Accounting (PY)
  • Personnel Administration (PA)
  • Recruitment (PB)
  • Personnel Talent Management or Personnel Development 
  • Organisational Management (OM)
  • Training and Event Management (PE)

An SAP HCM/HR trainee will have to go through all these components during an efficient online SAP HR course. Along with the major parts of the unit, here are some other sub-modules that play a great role in the operation of SAP HCM. They are –

  • Structural Authorisation Assignment
  • Personnel Appraisals
  • Employee Self Services (ESS)
  • Manager Self Services (MSS)

What does SAP HR online training teach?

While you take an SAP HCM online training course, you will have to explore the module thoroughly. From the basic lessons to the core integrations, everything needs to be covered in a systematic manner. Let’s see what the basic lessons of the SAP HCM training course:

  • Basic understanding of SAP ERP HCM
  • SAP human capital management navigation and terminology
  • Overview of the main purposes of SAP ERP human capital management
  • Step-by-step configuration
  • HCM structures and business processes

Who can enrol for an online SAP HR course?

  • Anyone with good communication and management skills
  • Anyone with basic HR domain knowledge
  • SAP consultants or business analysts who have learnt other SAP modules
  • Anyone with a degree in MBA (HR)
  • SAP HR or SAP ABAP consultants 
  • Project team members who are interested to learn SAP HCM

Where to get the finest SAP HR training?

Now, this is a query every interested student looks for. Igrowsoft is the best SAP HCM online training institute that is partnered with leading organisations all over the world. The Hyderabad-based SAP school is located in Ameerpet. As the booming business hub in India, Hyderabad has some of the biggest companies situated in the city. And Igrowsoft undoubtedly stands as a top-notch SAP HR institution that helps to build success stories.

The SAP HR course is designed keeping in mind the present needs of the companies. The teachers at Igrowsoft have stood in various industries and witnessed how the real world works first-handily. From subject-oriented classes to practical lessons, the students are offered a world-class learning experience. The dynamic teaching method at Igrowsoft includes flexible real-time classes as well as all kinds of study materials. 

The placement cell at the institute stands by every trainee until they are placed in one of the finest organisations. Igrowsoft takes pride to announce that they offer 100% placement! Moreover, Igrowsoft offers the SAP HR online training course with the most affordable fee structure as the school values the dreams of the students more than anything. The institute helps to craft a path to the future than leads only to success!