How to prepare for the SAP CPI certification?

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There are so many SAP C-suite reports used by our company that we have had to implement a significant amount of SAP reports processing in our own ABAP system. These SAP reports are mostly imported into the server, processed with ABAP and brought back to the client side. This was a time consuming and costly process because each individual report has its own requirements.

Now everything changes! Efficiently using your resources is the new motto at your company, but minimizing human interaction is also an important factor in today’s market.

Thus, your company has decided to use SAP CPI  online training in Hyderabad Cloud Platform Integration to implement a new automated SAP reporting system. The idea is to develop centralized SAP reports in a standardized way and thus reduce the costs associated with manual development and maintenance of these reports.

Let us find out what our new system is all about!

The Sigma project is an example of an open source initiative by SAP that focuses on implementing the tool chain for cloud integration using the Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGi). This means that you can use different programming languages and service bus technologies using the OSGi environment. It uses a modular architecture for writing your own services.

The following report sets are delivered and supported by SAP:

Additional report sets can be created based on this set. In addition, more complex reports (for example, web-based reports) can be created using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration development kit and Crystal Reports.

An implementation scenario is made up of the following components:

The integration layer includes a NetWeaver Gateway adapter, an OSGi service and the relevant code in ABAP (in general Java code). The adapter is a NetWeaver component that handles all communication between SAP ERP and the cloud platform. The adapter acts as an intermediary between SAP ERP and the services deployed in the cloud environment.

The following sections describe the latest changes made to SAP CPI:

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is part of the SAP Net Weaver suite. The main target customer groups are companies using SAP ERP software. The technology is not oriented specifically towards the cloud. Instead, it is a service-oriented architecture that makes it possible for companies to integrate and use different types of services in a standard way without having to write custom code for every type of service. The current technology has been developed in close cooperation with customers and represents a large step forward, especially in light of the above requirements for new IT infrastructures.

SAP CPI Certification:

A SAP CPI (cloud platform integration) certification is a 3 – 5 day course designed to test your knowledge of the SAP cloud platform.

The first step of getting started is to sit down and write out what you already know about the topic. Keep in mind that this might be a difficult task, as there are many concepts that can come up during the SAP CPI course online.

When you have identified the concepts that apply to your SAP cloud platform, you need to start from there and make sure that you can apply them.

You will start with an overview of the whole field of cloud integration and then move on to the different methodologies and options for integrating with SAP’s cloud.

You will also be required to know how to configure the SAP cloud platform and how it is connected with other systems or others within your own company SAP CPI online training

The second step is to start from a known state or from the result of the first step and identify the deviations. You need to make sure that you have identified which things have changed since you last worked with them, so you will know how to adapt to those things.

For example, if you were asked how to set up a connection between two SAP cloud platforms, but now it is required that you do it using a third-party integration layer, you need to know how this can be done.


Finally you need to prepare your own qualification courses based on what has become clear in your analysis of what is required. These could be webinars combined with video recordings that show different options for each subject.

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