SAP HANA is the latest in-memory database platform that can be deployed on the Cloud. SAP HANA is an advanced amalgamation of hardware and software. It integrates various components such as SAP HANA Database, SAP System Landscape Transformation (SLT) Replication server, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection, and Sybase replication. HANA holds unparalleled adoption by SAP users. It possesses the capability of processing a large amount of real-time information within a very short time. 

Getting expert training in SAP HANA only makes you even more sharp and flexible. Being the next-gen in-memory platform, when you gain detailed knowledge regarding the system, the technology becomes easier to grasp. Moreover, there are a few pro factors that make SAP HANA so much wanted and used in the industry.

The factors are- 

  • SAP HANA offers real-time data provisioning and reporting. 
  • It can process a massive amount of data faster than any other tool as it is built with in-memory technology. 
  • SAP HANA holds the power to access various data sources including structured and unstructured information from any SAP or Non-SAP foundation. 
  • The database can be deployed to the Cloud.
  • SAP HANA efficiently reduces the extra efforts we put into ETL processing, Data Aggregation, Mapping, and Indexing.
  • The best thing about SAP HANA is that the tool can solely reduce the total cost of a company for being an advanced software.
  • SAP HANA lets the users choose from different software providers and hardware vendors based on their requirements as it is supported by both. 

What Do You Learn from the SAP HANA Training Course?

SAP HANA can be a bit tough for the fresher’s at first but students who are interested in learning the technology shall be at ease. SQL and analytics are major parts of the SAP HANA and those who can grasp these key parts fast will be on the benefitting side. Training in SAP HANA lets you understand a great deal of the whole technology. And if you are eager enough it can just as easy!

Now, let’s see what a specialist SAP HANA consultant will learn through the course:

  • With the in-memory technology, an expert consultant can virtually explore and assess all the transactional and analytic information from any data source in a real-time form.
  • With SAP HANA, data can be collected from various sources and the consultants will be able to extract that like a pro.
  • Real-time replication services will let the consultant’s access and reproduce the data from SAP ERP.
  • In-depth knowledge about SQL and MDX interface from third-party support.
  • Understanding SAP HANA will offer access to information modelling and design environment.  

Where to Learn SAP HANA the Best Way?

There are numerous institutes in the country that provide SAP HANA training. However, to find the best one can be as confusing as it is to choose the location. Igrowsoft is a leading institute that offers the best SAP HANA online training. You will receive the finest education with the SAP HANA training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. With each passing year, the demand for expert consultants is increasing all over the world. When you hold an official certificate from a well-known institute, you undoubtedly will come under the light. 

Among several SAP HANA coaching centers in Hyderabad, Igrowsoft stands as the best one for its 100% placement assistance. The student-friendly school teaches you in a subject-based manner following every edge of the course. Teachers from leading industrial companies offer you first-hand knowledge. The trainees only learn from the best but also walk the finest way to become one in the future. The live classes with flexible timing make the course more effective. With thorough learning, the students are bound to gain a detailed understanding of the whole technology. 

Summing Up

Igrowsoft provides the best ABAP on HANA training in Hyderabad. The institute is undeniably the best of its kind as the trainees who pass out from here get to work in the best field of area. The industry in is a continuous need of SAP HANA experts and Igrowsoft produces learned, hardworking, and smart students every year. Through this platform, the trainees get the finest learning experience.