SAP SD Consultants Future and career Growth

SAP SD is also known as SAP Sales and Distribution is an important module of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Central Component (ECC). SAP SD is used by various enterprises to manage customer-related data, product-related data, sales (shipping, billing, and ordering), and invoicing of their goods and services. Sales and Distribution is a core module that integrates well with several modules like Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Finance and Controlling (FICO), Human Resource (HR), and Production Planning (PP).

Sub modules of SAP SD are:

  1. SD-MD (Master Data): The work of master data is to track down the transactions which usually affect the customer data, credit supervision, price records, and various other SD EDS ?module data.
  2. SD-SLS (Sales): Sales manage every aspect, including product pricing, product data, and customer data. The sales module also handles the feedback process.
  3. SD-TBA (Transportation): The use of transportation works with SD-SHP and it keeps a record of data that is involved in the process of shipment.
  4. SD-SHP (Shipping): The shipping process involves how the order is shipped and when will it deliver. It keeps the track of all details.                          
  5. SD-BF (Basic Functions): It handles all the basic functions such as pricing, credit management, and goods availability check across Sales and Distributions.
  6. SD-FTT (Foreign Trade): It manages transactions (foreign trade), imports, and exports.
  7. SD-BIL (Billing): It handles the data related to billing, the number of transactions, and methods of payment as well.
  8. SD-CAS (Sales Support): Support allows interactions between the sales teams and customers.

Is SAP SD a good career choice?

Sales and Distribution is the core module of SAP so yes, SD is a good career choice. SD is widely used in various industries like manufacturing, insurance, energy, security, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. The future of SAP SD consultants is bright as SD consultants are highly in demand.

 In SAP Arena, Sales and Distribution is a module that determines the development of requirements, operations, and conditions of business processes linked with order shipping, packing, billing, and delivery. If a candidate is well trained along with certification and knowledge in SAP sales and distribution with the management of projects, he/she will be placed in the top-notch companies that offer good packages. SAP SD has increased marketability along with certification, has various networking opportunities, increases earning potential, increases career growth, and has a very good future scope. So, if you are interested in sales and distribution then get certified with the help of the best institute, Igrowsoft.

Why choose Igrowsoft?

Igrowsoft is a one-stop solution for all you want to become an SAP SD consultant. Our institute helps you to get certified and be trained for the best. We not only prepare you for the certification but also provide you practical knowledge with hands-on labs and projects. The faculty at Igrowsoft is highly experienced. We provide you with class notes, materials and also guide you in placements. With real-time specifications and training, you can increase your access to job opportunities. Developing your practical knowledge is important but we also assist you in developing your problem-solving skills. Our course is cost-effective and provides you an option of flexible timings. Igrowsoft is the best training institute in Hyderabad.

Few modules of SAP SD we cover in our course:

a. Introduction of SAP.

b. Definition of Enterprise Structure.

c. Sales Area and Sales Line.

d. Customer Master Record (CMR- central, sales area, and levels of data).

e. Material Master Record (MMR).

f. Customer Material Info Record (CMIR).

g. Sales Document.

h. Delivery Documents.

i. Billing Documents.

j. Condition Records (Pricing).

k. Business process and basic determinations.

l. Credit Management and transfer of requirements (TOR).

m. Third-party sales process and inter-company processes.

n. Data Transfer Techniques and electronic data interchange.

o. Rebate processing and batch management.

Wrapping up:

SAP Sales and Distribution is a career choice you would not regret. SD has an amazing scope in the future with its constant demand in the market. Success in an SAP SD career depends upon your skills and knowledge. In our institute, we will help you to build your future and surely give rise to your career growth with the best training and placement guidance