What is the scope for the SAP HCM consultants in India?

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Learning SAP Success Factors will be an extra benefit when new problems emerge in the hybrid implementation industry. Specialized talents in SAP screen persona and SAP Fiori skilled HCM consultant are emerging, in my opinion. Because of their knowledge of SAP HCM and Success Factors, someone may be offered a higher salary.

Nobody knows all of the functionality of all SAP HR components in real life. This is far information for a one person to comprehend. As a result, we have PA/OM consultants, Time Management Specialists, SAP Payroll Consultants, and a variety of additional talent-pool consultants (one per component). Companies and recruiters, on the other hand, make no differentiation within the HR module and refer to all of us as SAP HR consultants, despite the fact that each component has its own unique name.

Future Market for SAP HCM Consultant
what should SAP HCM practitioners learn to bring more value in the market? This is a prevalent question for many SAP HCM practitioners right now. What’s new in SAP? and how many new jobs will be created in the market? I’m attempting to cover SAP HCM’s future plan as well as the global market for SAP HCM in this essay.

When it comes to the SAP road map, three words come to mind: cloud, HANA, and improved user experience. These words were the focus in SAP HCM Online Training Course in Ameerpet. I’ll go over each item separately, keeping in mind the implications for SAP HCM.

1.   Cloud

Believe me when I say that this is the most important area in which business is expanding. It is predicted that in the next ten years, business will have a tenfold increase in cloud adoption. SAP has its own purchased product called “Success Factors” in the HCM market. Success Factors is the most popular cloud-based HCM solution on the market, with new customers signing up all the time. This does not imply that all clients with a reliable SAP ECC system will migrate to Cloud Success Factors. However, it is highly likely that existing ECC customers would embrace some Success Factors components (modules), while SAP ECC will manage payroll and time.

It suggests that occupations based on the hybrid model are quite likely to emerge in the next years. Customers are discovering that cloud-based applications like Performance, LMS, and Recruitment are superior to an in-house ECC system. For new customers, SAP is favoring cloud-based solutions over in-house products. Customers who already have a SAP HCM solution may choose to migrate to Success Factors for cloud technology benefits.

2.   HANA

SAP first offered HANA as a database for BW and other analytical solutions. It added a business suite on SAP HANA to its product range a few years ago. After R3, SAP added S4 HANA as the next biggest revolution last year. SAP has recognized that the present ECC solution is complex and that there is a lot of room for simplification. The first simplified S4 HANA solution is S-Fin (Simple Finance), which has demonstrated its database and business process simplification.

The most significant benefit of S4 solutions is that they may be used in the cloud or on-premise. Customers profit since they can opt to shift to the cloud in the future without having to scrap the solution, and vice versa. After Finance, SAP is working on a number of other S4-based modules.

I doubt SAP will build S4 HCM in the next five years. I’ll present some proofs to back up my claim. Because S4 HANA was built with the cloud in mind, SAP HCM already offers one cloud solution, Success Factors. Through quarterly Success Factors updates, SAP is constantly adding new features and improving existing ones. Except for one, Success Factor can’t be realized as on-premise solutions, Success Factor satisfies all of S4 HANA’s aims. I wouldn’t be surprised if an on-premise version of Success Factors appeared in the future, but not in the next five years. 

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3.     User Experience

SAP is putting a lot of effort into improving the user experience. Business users have traditionally stated that SAP screens and processes are extremely complex, requiring extensive training to become an expert end user. Two new SAP products, ‘SAP Screen Persona’ and ‘SAP Fiori,’ bring this saga to a close.

SAP Screen Personas introduces a new personalization feature for SAP GUI interfaces. SAP screens can be changed by the end user for better visualization and a more straightforward user experience. Using simple drag and drop capability, data from multiple connected transactions could be displayed on a single screen. Although it is built on Java scripts, users do not need to be scripting experts to create new Screen Personas.

It’s a streamlined solution for SAP transactions in which data is spread over numerous tabs. This is handy when a user needs to look at numerous tabs of the same transaction or a large number of transactions to finish a task. This screen simplicity can improve the user experience and reduce the amount of time it takes to execute a business task.

As an HCM functional consultant, we can provide SAP ECC end users with screen avatars to make their work easier. On Screen Persona, an HTML viewer can be added, and user guides in PDF or YouTube videos can be embedded.

We are equally accountable for the success and acceptance of each new development as SAP HCM consultants. We could make certain that all Fiori criteria are followed, but we’d have to justify it. Online SAP HR Course says it is preferable to fail early on than to abandon the project entirely during the UAT stage. SAP software underlying licences will now contain SAP Fiori user experience (UX) and SAP Screen Personas software.


We should be aware of what is going on in SAP and how new technology-related occupations are emerging. SAP Screen Persona and SAP Fiori guidelines can be learned. These will help us have a better understanding of user experience strategy. Learning SAP Success Factors will be an extra benefit when new problems emerge in the hybrid implementation industry. I’m seeing a rise in job opportunities for SAP screen persona and SAP Fiori competent HCM consultants. Someone with SAP HCM and Success Factors knowledge is very likely to get hired with additional salary..

SAP HCM experts will continue to be in high demand, although expertise of the above-mentioned technologies will be a plus. Due to complicated business requirements, knowledge of numerous technologies in the SAP domain is in demand. Enroll today for the best Sap HR Course Fees in Hyderabad and become a successful SAP Consultant