How can I crack the SAP FICO fresher interview ?

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SAP FICO has opportunities currently, you simply need to focus, here we are going to discuss what to do and what not to do. Just simply avoid some of the common mistakes and additionally at the same time remember some points and implement them and later as a result you can easily get placed in your dream job. 

Learning these applications is relatively easy and really helpful through SAP FICO Training in Hyderabad

SAP FICO module is extremely hearty and covers practically all business cycles experienced in different ventures. It is one of the vital and generally executed modules in SAP.

SAP FICO consists of two modules – FI and CO, SAP FI in the sense Finance and SAP CO in the sense Controlling. Both of these modules are intended for explicit capabilities. The SAP FI module manages monetary bookkeeping and detailing. 

The CO module manages checking costs and monetary preparation. The product expects to help organizations to make the course of monetary preparation and investigation simpler. This assists in settling on with better monetary choices.

Majorly freshers make the following three mistakes

1. Firstly, freshers need to concentrate on building their resume 

Basically, building a resume is also a challenging task for freshers. You need to share your perspectives like educational background, skills, and qualifications need to be perfectly mentioned in a way that will help you get selected for a job interview. A resume is the first option to impress the interviewer so freshers need to put time and effort in building a resume. FICO course in Hyderabad helps you to build your career in each and every aspect from resume to till placement

2. Freshers need to be serious about the interview 

Do recall that assuming your passage gravely in your meeting there are other 1000 takers for that work dissimilar to different positions. So be equipped with your rudiments. Peruse your preparation material and as many strings on the FI/CO Forums on SDN. And the next third and final mistake is….

3. Package  factor of sap fico

DO NOT consider a “pay bundle” as one of your rules while searching for a passage into SAP Consultancy. On the other hand, even SAP ends client jobs, serious areas of strength for any “free work”, as you get to gain some useful knowledge on such a task and fill in the correct bearing, without control from your manager. 

Steps to crack SAP FICO fresher interview:

1. Preparation 

2. What to wear 

3. Arrival time 

4. The interviewer’s first words and action? (talk about the company)  

5. First question: tell me about yourself or why do you want this job? (explain your skills, strengths and weaknesses) 

6. Why are you applying for this role? (talk about gaps and previous experience).

7. What personality traits do you have that will help you succeed in this position? 

8. Your future goals – what would they be if they were accomplished?

9. What team activities have you been involved in? 

10. Name some experiences that have taught you important lessons 

11. What are your long-term goals? 

12. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult person? 

13. How do you handle rejection? 

14. How do you feel about working overtime? 

15. What was your first job like and what did it teach you? 


17. Closing words.

18. References 

19. Post interview follow up (use social media) 

20. You got the job! Now what? (indicate to your new company that you want to work hard, develop yourself, be ready for anything). 

Conclusion :

The SAP FICO programming set has been shown to be the groundwork of money and controlling for current associations. It has effectively improved the monetary tasks of many organizations. In this way, a lot more organizations are taking on it. Also, profession wise, it is perfect for representatives in money or human assets hoping to take their choice with SAP FICO  Course to a higher level.

For multiple questions and answers for SAP FICO you can go through Best SAP FICO training Institute in Hyderabad and collect more and more data. We have collected and provided the useful information with lots of time and effort that have been designed for SAP Freshers who are preparing interviews on SAP FICO beginner interviews. Here, we have added some basic and advanced levels for you that are asked on SAP FICO which helps you to crack interviews.