How can non-IT Students pursue a career in SAP FICO?

A lot of you must be looking to make a shift in your career as the job you are currently doing is not something you would want to do for the rest of your lives. Shifting career priorities has become important in today’s times. Many people are learning new technologies and looking to uplift their careers with a great demand all around for various skills. An SAP FICO course is one of the most popular courses these days as it does not require the learner to be from an IT background.

SAP is one of the most sought-after technologies today which is widely used by companies from every domain. The demand for people skilled in SAP is therefore obviously on the rise and can be a great career prospect in the days to come.

SAP, which stands for System Application and Products in Data Processing is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning software that is used by millions of programmers due to its open architecture.

  • Many non-IT background students often however have doubts about pursuing a course even in such a great market with so much demand.
  • It is mostly due to a fear of being from a non-technical background.
  • Students often back off due to this reason as has been commonly observed.
  • But there is nothing to worry about.
  • People from non-IT backgrounds can also excel in SAP and go on to have great careers ahead.

Expertise in SAP can be divided into two main areas which are functional and technical. The functional area includes modules like FICO and technical includes modules like ABAP, BASIS, etc. Students from non-technical backgrounds can opt for SAP FICO courses or SAP FICO online training to pursue a career in this lucrative field.

Students from accounts and finance backgrounds can very well get adept with SAP FICO and give their careers a new path. There is a great demand for functional specialists across various industries.

SAP in itself is vast with over 25 modules designed to serve different aspects. The lack of domain knowledge and experience can often hamper the understanding between SAP consultants and SAP end users. Hence the educational aspect is quite important while choosing an SAP module.

Let’s dive deeper into SAP FICO since it is one of the best options to choose for non-IT background students.

FI stands for Financial Accounting &CO. where as stands for Controlling. SAP FI and CO are separate modules of SAP and both of them store financial transactions related data.

SAP FI is used comprehensively for financial reporting. Its main purpose is to record all financial transactions and produce financial statements. SAP FI in turn has the following modules

Financial Accounting Global Settings

General Ledger: The general ledger contains all the transactions of the company in a chart of accounts and lists all the accounts in the system.

Organization Structure

Accounts payable: Involves all transactions with vendors and vendor accounts.

Tax Configuration

Accounts Receivable: Records all customer transactions and manages customer accounts and the transactions include anything from down payments to invoice payments.

Treasure Management

Asset Accounting

Bank Ledger: All the bank account transactions of the company are maintained.

Investment Management

The Controlling module mainly provides insights to the leaders as to where the money is being spent onthe CO module covers areas like Cost Controlling, Cost Element Accounting which provides the overview of the revenues and costs of the company, Internal Orders which is used for managing costs for non-fixed assets or smaller internal projects, Cost Center Accounting which deals with the costs associated with the internal divisions of the company, Activity Based Costing, Profitability Analysis which allows companies to analyze the profitability of the products, Product Cost Controlling which helps the companies to manage the cost of production of its goods and services.

The SAP FICO module can also be integrated with other modules like Human Resources, Sales and Distribution, Material Management, etc.

The rise in the number of jobs for SAP professionals and the good pay package is what is drawing more and more non-IT background students into the field. Commerce graduates are pursuing various SAP FICO courses and SAP FICO online training to upskill themselves and become a part of the SAP industry.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for SAP consultants in India is over 6 lakh rupees.

To pursue a course in SAP FICO, one does not need to have a technical background. But sufficient knowledge of commerce and finance is required as it is the base of both the modules. Commerce graduates wouldn’t face many difficulties given they have a solid background in Financial Accountancy. Once you have that, you can easily pursue a course in SAP FICO which will enable you with the adequate skill set to work as SAP professionals in various companies.

When it comes to providing SAP FICO training, there are multiple institutes these days. One of the best SAP FICO training institutes is Igrow which specializes in providing training to students from non-IT backgrounds.

If you are looking to pursue a career in SAP FICO, make sure to have a good grasp of commerce and finance and with the right training, the sky is the limit.

Igrow is known for providing world-class SAP training in Hyderabad with a great track record and various alumni working in respectable positions all across the country.

With more and more companies relying on SAP for their day-to-day functionalities it is a great time to invest in it and to learn a very important module in SAP, i.e SAP FICO.

You can remove the notion of having problems if you are from a non-IT background as the right amount of effort coupled with excellent training can lead you to achieve your dreams and become an SAP professional.

Do get in touch for more information regarding the program to make sure that you are choosing the right SAP training institute for yourself.