How can you prepare for SAP HCM Certification

System, Applications, and Products in Data Processing is an Enterprise Resource Planning software as well as the name of a very renowned organization. It is helping enterprises in modules like financial accounting, sales, production planning, materials management, warehouse management, controlling, logistics execution, financial supply chain management, and human capital management.

SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) which is also known as SAP Human Resource (SAP HR) or SAP Human Resource Management System (SAP HRMS) is an important module of SAP. SAP HR plays a vital role in organizing or managing various aspects of enterprises. To get a managed and efficient workforce in an enterprise there is always the need for HR consultant.

Some of the Essential Modules of SAP HR/SAP HCM are:

  1. Payroll Accounting.
  2. Organizational Management.
  3. Time Management.
  4. Reporting.
  5. Recruitment.
  6. Travel Management.
  7. Training and Event Management.
  8. Personnel Administration.

Let’s take a deep drive in understanding the modules of SAP

  1. Payroll Accounting: It helps in keeping a record and managing the payment process for the work done by the employees. It also assists in automatic payment computation, full gross accounting, net accounting, and also in data exchange with different social insurance agencies.
  2. Organizational Management: It assists in representing the analysis of the organizational plan. Creating graphical reports, tracking of positions, maintaining and assigning jobs, reporting, and vacancy-related reports everything is carried out by learning this module.
  3. Time Management: This module is mostly associated with time evaluation (holiday calendar, personal and monthly work schedules), attendance, leave reporting, activity allocation, and shifts.
  4. Travel Management: This module helps you in managing official trips (entry of trip data, calculation of meal allowance, advance payments, etc), cost management of travel, representation of internal company rules.
  5. Personnel Administration: This is a module that involves the most important part of human resource management and that is administration. Administration covers all the modules of HR be it hiring the employees, travel experiences, time management, and even payroll accounting. This also includes contract elements, cost distribution, and internal medical service.

Why is choosing SAP HR/ SAP HCM a good career choice?

Have you ever imagined what will an organization be like if there was no HR? So, the answer to this question is also the answer to why is SAP HR or SAP HCM a good career choice. HR plays a key role in the company’s administration, development and reinforcement. If you are proficient in this field then there are abundant companies offering jobs for SAP HCM and these people are paid well. SAP HCM consultants are in demand nowadays so if this module of SAP interests you then gear up and choose Igrowsoft!

How is Igrowsoft going to help you in preparing for SAP HCM/SAP HR certification?

Igrowsoft is the best SAP HCM course training in Hyderabad. To be more precise, you will find experienced and trained faculty who will be there throughout, our course is time-friendly, we provide you with hands-on experience and help you for the certification with practical knowledge and real-time specifications, you develop your problem-solving skills along with the course, we also provide you with placement guidance as we are associated with a few top-notch companies, we even provide you with class notes and material and much more.

Some institutes would guarantee you these facilities at a very high cost. We, in Igrowsoft, not only guarantee you but also implement the same at a very reasonable cost and duration. Our SAP HCM coaching will help you, guide you or say assist you to get certified and placed in renowned companies.

Who can apply?

Graduates in B Tech, M Tech, BCA, and MCA can apply for this course. If you have good problem-solving skills and basic computer knowledge that would be very helpful for you in this course.

Wrapping Up:

Always be wise while choosing your path and the right path in this career is for sure Igrowsoft. As mentioned earlier, Igrowsoft is where you will find the best SAP HR training in Hyderabad. Our institute will be there for you throughout your journey, we will guide you and surely help you reach your destination. You can contact us for more details about the course.