How many days will it take to learn SAP MM and what are the career opportunities with SAP MM training?

SAP is one of the world’s leading creator of software for the management of business processes. Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, later abbreviated to SAP was founded in the 1970s in Germany. Outdated business models often decentralize data management, and this makes it difficult for staff from unrelated business purposes to access other’s information because every business function stores its particular operational data in a separate database. And hence SAP software delivers several departments to increase IT storage costs and the risk of data errors.

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as SAP ERP is a profitable software that assimilates all the information in a single software. The unified system improves productivity, provides better inventory management, decreases raw material cost, reduces expenses, endorses quality, enhances productivity and profits. SAP ERP is the software genre of SAP MM. 

Material Management also known as SAP MM has many roles in a business process. SAP MM deals with numerous things like the Master data (material and vendor master), Valuation of material, Account determination, Inventory Management, Invoice verification, Material requirement planning, and much more. SAP MM is quite versatile to accommodate changes that are recurrent in any commercial environment. In SAP, a business process is termed as a “module”. A few of the several roles of SAP MM are:

  1. SAP MM helps in managing the winning activities of an organization and MM is a part of logistics functions.
  2. It is the backbone of logistics that integrates modules such as Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Project Systems, Warehouse Management, and Plant Maintenance.
  3. SAP MM provisions all characteristics of material management for instance control and development.

The elementary goal of business is the goal to progress productivity, lessen costs, and manage resources efficiently.

Is SAP MM good for a career?

One of the most important questions which arise frequently is that,is SAP MM a perfect career choice? Yes, SAP MM is the most excellent certification specifically in the manufacturing and trading industries. So, if you are looking forward to a career with SAP then Material Management is one of the best choices. The different work sectors for SAP MM holders are:

  1. SAP MM consultants.
  2. SAP MM functional configurator.
  3. SAP End User.
  4. SAP Functional Analyst in MM.
  5. SAP MM Plant Maintenance analyst.
  6. Purchase Executive.
  7. Team Leader.
  8. Material Manager.

SAP Certification will help us secure a quality job, promotion prospects, skill recognition, new job opportunities, and a 6figure salary. This certificate requires adequate knowledge of related terminologies, so to get certified and be placed in the top-notch companies, Igrowsoft is the solution.

Why choose Igrowsoft?

Igrow Soft Solutions is one of the leading SAP MM training in Hyderabad. We provide the students with the elementary as well as the progressive level of SAP MM and make them industry-relevant. Our institute provides you the best SAP MM course in Hyderabad. It focuses not only on the training but as well as SAP MM placement. SAP offers real-time specifications and training. Flexible class timings, highly educated and experienced faculty everything is offered by our institute. Students get to learn all versions of SAP MM by using the latest infrastructure. The teaching methods here are unique, effective, innovative, and provided with high quality. We make your journey completely effortless yet yielding successful results. Igrowsoft is an association with a handful of international multi-national companies like IBM. Several institutes focus on getting the students certified but in Igrowsoft we make you industry-ready with hands-on experience.

Our SAP MM module is great for BCA or B Tech graduates with a decent knowledge of programming and problem-solving skills. This qualification is not mandatory but will give an added benefit. Many students have secured jobs after completing training with us. Igrowsoft is hence the best SAP MM institute in Hyderabad. 

SAP MM course fees in Hyderabad

Several institutes offer SAP MM training but their costs are very irrational. In Igrowsoft we provide you a 3 months course for Nominal Price. At this cost, we provide you with the best training and also help you gain experience with real-time projects along with placement guidance. The cost of our course is much more than just reasonable.

You can access our course anytime we even provide you with material along with class notes.

Few topics you will learn in our course in just 90 days are as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of ERP, SAP, and R/3 Architecture.
  2. Basic Settings / SAP Navigation.
  3. Master Data.
  4. Source Determination.
  5. Purchasing Data.
  6. Inventory Management.
  7. Batch Management in MM.
  8. Technical Requirements for MM and much more.

Wrapping up

SAP MM is very high in demand. Nowadays, many people are opting for a career in SAP MM. If students take good training and have good hands-on knowledge with project experience along with certification, then they surely can get into top-notch companies along with a good package. So, if you are in search of the best SAP MM training institute in Hyderabad the Igrowsoft is the solution, we provide you with everything you need.