How do I become a sap pp consultant and what is the role of sap pp consultant?

Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing also known as SAP is a German-based multinational company. It is an enterprise resource planning software. One of the most used ERP software is SAP that controls hundreds of industrial processes. SAP covers nearly 95% of aspects that contribute to business management and hence is the vastly leading software. SAP covers several integrated modules which include human resource, sales and distribution, financial accounting, production planning, material management and these are just a few to name. Manufacturing, telecommunications, finance sector, business sectors and many such industries use SAP heavily.

Let me tell you the basic difference between ERP and SAP. enterprise resource planning is the software solutions that support organizations in different business processes whereas SAP is a company that sells this software ERP.


Systems Applications and Products (SAP) Production Planning (PP) is one of the key modules in the ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Modules System. It is an SAP module that is designed for integrating especially with the different departments involved in manufacturing and production. It deals with planning processes like capacity planning, material planning and execution of production order, bill of material, and goods movement. SAP PP module handles master data required for BOM’s activity, work centre, and routing and keeps it in a separate component.


It is an industry where the production of materials keeps changing according to the order, and their costs are also calculated accordingly.
It is an industry where materials do not change over a long period.
Products are produced according to the total quantity, not according to individual orders.

Role of SAP PP consultant :

1.Material Master
2.BOM creation
3.Work centre creation
4.Routing creation
5.PIR generation
6.MRP run:
-for total planning
-for a single item

  1. Evaluation through the MRP list and stock requirement list
  2. Conversion of planned order to production order
  3. Order Management
  4. Confirmations
  5. Goods issue
  6. Goods receipt
  7. TECO or close order – from production order head
  8. Order settlement
  9. Order costing report

The organizational structure of SAP PP comprises the locations of manufacturing parts and the locations of the storage areas within the plant.
COMPANY CODE: A company code is the smallest unit in a company that comes under the client’s level. It has an independent accounting unit that maintains its profit, loss, and balance sheet.
PLANT: A plant is a unit within a business that is responsible for the production of goods and making them available for the company. A plant unit contains a manufacturing facility and a warehouse.
STORAGE LOCATION: A storage location is a unit within an organization that is operated to keep material stock and goods available in a plant.

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