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SAP FICO is one of the practical modules in SAP ERP parts which assist the association with dealing with its economical information. The main role of SAP FICO Scope is to help the association to create and deal with every one’s economical statements for investigation and detailing and furthermore help with viable business arranging and direction.

SAP FICO includes two modules, i.e., SAP Finance (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO), these modules are utilized to do explicit financial cycles. SAP FI module deals accounts where SAP CO observes the expenses and maintains it. For more info go through SAP FICO online training and learn from industrial experts.

SAP FI sub-categories:

  • Finance Accounting General Ledger.
  • Finance Accounting Accounts Receivable and Payable.
  • Finance Accounting Asset Accounting.
  • Finance Accounting Bank Accounting.
  • Finance Accounting Travel Management.
  • Finance Accounting Fund Management.
  • Finance Accounting Legal Consolidation

Since IT is improving regularly, organizations have requested more and effective labor force, yet monetary bookkeeping is the main division of any association that appears to hold up assuming mechanization is used in light of the fact that even labor force likewise has its own impediments. High level elements of SAP FI have made it among the most famous modules to be carried out in any association.

The devices and SAP FI suite comes in serious areas of strength for a suite that plans to offer top quality support to any association in a space of monetary requirements and bookkeeping exercises. Since the appearance of the web, the significance of money and its importance has arrived all over the world.

Attempt to grasp SAP FI Sub category in brief:

General Ledger Accounting: It goes about as the essential record to keep up with all bookkeeping subtleties. Normal general record sections are client exchanges, buys from merchants, and inward organization exchanges.

Debt claims: Account receivable module is answerable for catching all exchanges with clients and dealing with their records. In this module, separate client records will be kept up with, and when exchanges are sent in client’s records, the compromise accounts in the overall record will get refreshed. Account receivables incorporate different exchanges, for example, receipt posting, credit reminder posting, initial investments, receipt installment, and so on.

Accounts Payables: Account payables module is answerable for catching every one of the exchanges of merchants, and it likewise oversees seller accounts. Different merchant accounts are held and when exchanges are sent in client accounts, compromise accounts’ overall record gets refreshed. Different exchanges of record payables are receipt posting, credit reminder, posting, up front installments, receipt installment, programmed installment, and so forth.

Resource Accounting: Asset Accounting manages all the proper resource of the organization and gives all the exchange insights regarding fixed resources. The resource bookkeeping module of Finance Accounting works intimately with different modules like SAP MM, SAP Plant Management, EWM, and so on.

Bank Accounting: It manages every one of the exchanges done through the bank. It incorporates every one of the approaching and active exchanges performed, balances the executives and bank exchange ace information. You can make and handle any bank exchanges utilizing the Bank bookkeeping part.

Travel Management: This module is utilized to deal with all the movement costs of an organization. It includes the whole travel demand, their preparation, and costs engaged with every one of the mentioned trips. It assists an association with overseeing travel expenses proficiently, as it gives joining the wide range of various modules of SAP

Reserve Management: This module is utilized to oversee assets in an organization. Reserve Management module connects with different modules like Bank bookkeeping, General Ledger (G/L, SAP AR/AP, and SAP Material Management, and so on to get store subtleties. It includes every one of the exchanges for store get, reserve use, and future costs. It assists an organization with making financial plan estimating and to appropriately utilize the assets.

SAP Controlling (CO) :

One more significant SAP module presented by an association. It upholds coordination, checking, and streamlining of the relative multitude of cycles in an association. SAP CO incorporates overseeing and arranging ace information that covers cost and benefit focuses, inner orders, and other expense components and utilitarian regions.

The cycle is overseen bit by bit including sorting out, pursuing, execution, and revealing. With the assistance of this module, we can follow cost heads to thus design. In light of exercises, SAP CO module helps the costing across processes. It oversees item adjustments, expenses and its costing. It likewise includes constituents connected with benefit investigation, Internal Order Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, Overhead Management, and so on. There are different parts of SAP CO modules; how about we currently examine these modules in subtleties:

Cost Element Accounting − Cost and Revenue Element Accounting conveys you with an outline of the expenses and incomes that happen in an association. A large portion of the qualities are moved consequently from Financial Accounting to Controlling. Cost and Revenue Element Accounting just ascertains costs, which either don’t have one more cost or just a single cost in Financial Accounting.

Cost Center Accounting − Cost Center Accounting is utilized for the end goal of controlling inside your association.

Movement Based-Accounting − It is utilized to examine cross-departmental business processes.

Inward Orders − Internal orders in SAP CO are utilized to gather and control, as per the work that caused them. You can relegate spending plans for these positions that are framework observed to guarantee that they are not surpassed from the set financial plans.

Item Cost Controlling − It computes the expense of assembling an item, or to offer support. It permits you to compute the cost at which you can beneficially advertise it.

Productivity Analysis − It is utilized to dissect the benefit or loss of an association by individual market fragments. Productivity Analysis gives a premise to independent direction. For instance, it is utilized to decide cost, molding, client, conveyance channel, and market section.

Profit Center Accounting − It is utilized to assess benefit or loss of individual, free regions inside an association. These regions are answerable for their expenses and incomes.

SAP FICO – CO Integration with Financial Accounting:

Both SAP CO and SAP FI modules are free modules in a SAP framework. The SAP FICO Scope information stream between these parts happens routinely. Simultaneously, the framework doles out the expenses and incomes to various CO account task objects, for example, cost focuses, business cycles, activities or orders.


SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling) is one of the modules which manage finance-related jobs. It is the most generally captured item concerning extension and execution. This shows that it is now utilized in numerous associations and a considerable lot of the trials are taking on it as their monetary programming stage. The main aim for SAP FICO online training Hyderabad expansion is placement assistance.