What are the different roles in SAP Material Management?

A Role in SAP Material Management is to be in charge of the process of procuring, storing, and issuing raw materials. This includes goods such as steel, plastic and fabric. A MM Analyst has a deep knowledge in the methods used by companies to order and purchase goods through vendors. They also know how goods are transported from point A to point B, as well as how inventory can be monitored for information about rates of change. Through SAP MM training institute in Hyderabad, MM Analysts have an understanding on material processing costs and their implications for global management. Overall this person monitors every aspect of dealing with physical materials in any company whatsoever.

Everyday people can be seen as a MM Analyst. They oversee supplying, processing, and distribution. For example:

A role in SAP MM is to monitor the physical supply chain. If there is an issue with raw material that is not up to the high standards, a person in the SPC department will contact the MM Analyst to follow up on this item.

If the issue is fallen on deaf ears, the SPC department can then proceed to coordinate with the Supply Chain department. If resolved, MM Analyst will continue to monitor for this specific item using Quality Control (QC) data.

sap mm course training Analysts also manages storage and issues of goods within a company. In this area, MM Analysts utilizes DDIC data for proper storage locations, Inventories, Work Centers and Stock Locations. When these areas are not properly managed from an internal perspective, it is a major issue that can cost companies billions of dollars in losses through inventory shrinkage or over-stocking.

Senior MM Analysts manage the procurement process. If a company is looking to acquire a new product, this person will oversee the budget for sourcing this item. They oversee the cost of goods, negotiate terms with vendors as well as oversee production to make sure costs are kept low and quality is high.

MM Analysts work with vendors to deliver raw materials in many different ways:

Maintenance Manager

This department focuses on maintaining and sustaining all forms of physical resources within an organization. A Maintenance Manager oversees all items that are used in production, warehousing or supporting areas such as storage buildings and facilities.

Material Manager

Ensures all of the physical materials within an organization are managed in a timely and proper fashion. MM Analysts are accountable for tracking, updating, managing and issuing raw materials to vendors and other departments within the company.

Other roles in SAP Materials Management include:

A Material Management Engineer is responsible for ensuring that many different types of goods are produced by the organization, including raw materials, finished goods, components and spare parts. As Operations Manager (O-MM), the job is to ensure that these goods flow from order to delivery without delays or disruptions. The O-MM also ensures that these processes and equipment continue to function at optimum level over time.

MM Analysts have adopted a variety of techniques over time to allow them to adequately manage these processes.

Materials management software is used to track and monitor material as it moves through different departments within the firm, and includes:

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There are many different ways to achieve better business processes, but the most common ones are:

A higher education degree is needed to obtain a job in MM. It is recommended that you receive a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Business or Engineering to have an edge over other applicants. Alternatively, you can also receive an MBA if you are seeking an upper management position. The most popular course of study is business administration with a specialization in either Finance, Marketing or Operations Management. For more details go through MM online training.