What is meant by SAP ABAP and SAP BASIS

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Most SAP users know the difference between ABAP and BASIS, but not everyone knows the differences. In this article, we will cover what these two SAP programs are and why they might be used.

ABAP stands for “Advanced Business Application Programming” while BASIS stands for “Business Application Software Integrated Solution”. Where ii is a low cost entry level option.

You might wonder why you should choose one over the other but there are some key distinctions to consider before choosing which program best meets your needs.

Understanding what differentiates SAP ABAP and SAP BASIS can be a great way to make an informed decision about which program is best for you or your company’s needs.

Let’s break down what each program offers and how to choose between them:

ABAP Solutions:

What it is: ABAP is the programming language used in SAP. SAP is a business application specific in the programming language…it simply means that you must use this programming language to create programs for SAP. The way any program works is that it first converts business logic into ABAP instructions which are then executed over a network or stand-alone machine. Since this program runs on servers, this makes it a business application. The advantage of using ABAP solutions is obviously their efficiency and reliability across multiple server nodes.

Hence ABAP is a programming language and BASIS is the underlying platform/operating system on which ABAP runs.

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BASIS Solutions:

What it is: BASIS is also a programming language, but unlike ABAP, users can employ the BASIS languages to create both business applications and other kinds of programs. For example, one can use the BASIS languages to write programs for home computers or game consoles. This makes BASIS flexible and more versatile than SAP ABAP. Since you can use BASIS in many different situations, this means that it is much more widely used than ABAP would be.

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Based on our analysis, the things that differentiate ABAP and BASIS are essentially the same. The key differences of sap abap and sap basis are in how they can be used.

What is meant by and the difference between SAP ABAP and SAP BASIS? First of all, we must distinguish between BASIS and ABAP to see what these programs do:

BASIS is an operating system that is separate from SAP software. This means it can be used in its own right to create applications (that is, programs of any kind). SAP applications run on top of this operating system but you could also write applications for other purposes (for example, writing games on PCs) as well.

Although ABAP is a language used to create applications in a specific SAP environment, we can also use it to create any kind of program that we want. This means that we could also create games and other applications on top of this by using the programming language.


Both BASIS and ABAP are programming languages. The difference between the two is that BASIS (the operating system) can be used to make custom-made programs while ABAP can only be used with SAP applications. We should note that although both BASIS and ABAP allow users to create computer programs, both of them have limitations regarding what they are capable of.