How is the career as SAP functional (FICO) consultant?

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SAP in the sense Systems, Applications, and Products for the improved implementation of enterprise resource planning, or ERP, SAP is currently one of the top software programe suppliers for many businesses (ERP). Since its inception, SAP has consistently offered fantastic means of advancing management in the fields of information technology and business. Candidates who want to begin a career as a SAP FICO consultant should be well knowledgeable about it. There are about 28 modules in SAP.

There are many different career choices for those wanting to work with this software like FICO consultant which will take you all around the world. The demanding career as SAP functional consultant can lead you to amazing places like Silicon Valley USA or South Africa. The training is also very easy while being able to earn up to $130,000 as a new hire salary.

Career as SAP FICO

The primary duties of a SAP Fico consultant include developing, creating, and implementing SAP-based ERP solutions. Fico is an acronym for finance and control. Because of this, your employment requires you to have a tight working connection with the client’s financial team in order to comprehend the business needs of the company you are employed by.

As a FICO consultant you will be working with different software like ERP and other business applications. You can work in SAP account management, IT operations, customer service management and several other positions. The working conditions are really nice and your role can be flexible, so you won’t be bored at all.

The only  biggest problem with this career is the unsatisfactory salary as a new hire. Yes, the salary can get higher after some years but this probably depends on the quality of your work, but here SAP FICO Online Training Institute in Hyderabad helps you as you are experienced means, even as a fresher you will be able to gain the real time experience within the course period. 

To sum up, if you decide to opt for this career, you will surely have a great time while also getting to travel around the world and meet people from different cultures.

You can also easily change your role among the different positions without needing to be re-trained. SAP is a very safe company which makes sure to take care of all their employees and the working environment is awesome.

SAP is not just software, it’s an industrial company with a presence in 180 countries. Its aim is to make high-quality software and services that help companies in an international way to run their business whether it is a large or small one.

SAP software is used by about four million customers worldwide in more than 160 countries.


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