Where Do I Get the Best Knowledge about SAP SuccessFactors? What Are the Configurable Features in SuccessFactors?

While beginning a discussion on where and how to learn the module, the foremost action would be to know and understand what exactly SAP SuccessFactors stands for. Let’s start with what SAP SuccessFactors is…

Well, SAP SuccessFactors is basically an SAP product suite that is built to deliver a cloud-based solution to manage different HR purposes such as recruitment, people performance, business alignment as well as learning activities for various types of businesses across industries. It the undoubtedly one of the major vendors of cloud-integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) software and Talent Management (TM) software. 

Moreover, it allows one to execute data integration between SAP ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors HCM. But the integration highly depends upon three major factors, which are –

  • Employee Data
  • Evaluation of Data
  • Compensation Data

When does a business look for SAP SuccessFactors assistance?

SAP SuccessFactors is itself an application that provides the best set of talent management solutions along with strong workforce analytics and planning with an advanced core. In the following we have mentioned all the challenges a business may face when in need of SAP SuccessFactors:

  • If every recruitment process takes too long for the company.
  • Recruitment activities are not proactive enough.
  • The newly hired employees take too long to contribute their best and to become productive.
  • Best employees are leaving the company to get better opportunities.
  • Learning and development actions are not sufficient.
  • Success planning is too traditional and ineffective.
  • Business targets are not efficiently flowing in the company. 
  • The employees in the company do not have the proper skills to fulfil the demands of the market and business needs. 
  • Employees do not have the proper team spirit.
  • Competencies in the workplace do not align with acute business needs. 

What will SAP SuccessFactors training teach?

The module, as a key component of SAP, includes a vast range of sub-modules. SAP SuccessFactors has been built to offer assistance for HR. Therefore, when one seeks to get the best SAP SuccessFactors online training, they will understand the following sub-modules –

  • Employee Central 
  • Employee Central Payroll
  • Time and attendance
  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding while hiring new recruits
  • Performance and goals of the business
  • Compensations and awards 
  • Succession and advancement
  • Learning strategies for the employees
  • Workforce management
  • Workforce analytics and reporting
  • SAP Jam

Where to get the best Knowledge about SAP SuccessFactors?

There are numerous institutes that offer SAP SuccessFactors training in India. Igrowsoft is one such school that may stand among the list but stands out quite marvellously. This is a marvel of SAP training centres. Situated in Ameerpet, Igrowsoft provides the finest SAP SuccessFactors online training in Hyderabad

Partnered with the leading companies across industries, Igrowsoft is more than just a traditional institution. The platform builds quality and delivers next-gen excellence. The real-time classes have been brilliantly designed so the trainees never lack any skill that would be needed from them. They are groomed and prepared for the real world so each and every student can face any challenge head-on.

The tutors at Igrow have worked in the top companies all over the world, and through their years of experience, the trainees will only gain even more excellence. The course structures cover all the deep corners of the SAP SuccessFactors module. From subject-oriented classes to practical lessons, one is to receive the best SAP SuccessFactors training and certification course at Igrowsoft. 

Igrowsoft is best known for its quality teaching. SAP SuccessFactors training fees across the country have skyrocketed in the past few years as the demands continued to increase. However, SAP SuccessFactors online training fee at Igowsoft is the most affordable. In addition, each and every trainee gets complete placement assistance until they get their dream job. The school have been contributing to a better and brighter future and intends to continue doing so.

Configurable features of SAP SuccessFactors –  

The module covers several aspects and to acquire in-depth knowledge about it, one must learn its features and the areas SAP SuccessFactors covers. So, before you proceed to go on with this astounding SAP ERP module, you must get a look at the configurable features of SAP SuccessFactors. 

  • SAP SuccessFactors provides a comprehensive HCM suite
  • Worldwide expertise 
  • Allows recruitment and HR transactions
  • Skill to change and transfer employee positions
  • Payroll and timesheets reporting
  • Time off and Holidays management
  • Compliance and auditing integration
  • Operations of all the SAP SuccessFactors substances
  • Skill to perform queries and related activities at the planned time
  • Extensible learning and development 

Who can learn SAP SuccessFactors?

  • A degree holder of BCA/B.Com/B.Tech/MCA/M.Tech from a recognized university.
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • And, undying interest in technology and advanced SAP modules