How is SAP ABAP on HANA for Non-IT graduates?

SAP ABAP on Hana online Training Course

This question is not an easy one, as some individuals may wonder whether it can be beneficial if a non-IT graduate opts to do SAP ABAP and HANA for a job. The answer is that it can be advantageous, but this should only be seen as a short-term solution with limited long-term potential.

SAP is a main ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) programming and inquisitively enough the mother organization shares the name. Because of its liberal and open design, there are a huge number of developers working all over the planet to give cooperation between many significant programs and SAP.


SAP is generally executed in stages. The main stage is when hierarchical construction and bookkeeping parts are designed and tried, after which they are taken live in the following stage. Considerably more modules are in the advancement stage and are step by step added. Because of weighty interest in the business, a quality SAP course is what most understudies seek to sign up for.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have a place from a specialized/IT foundation. Can you gain proficiency with any SAP module and make an extraordinary vocation out of it? Indeed to be sure!

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For a Non-IT graduate, how would be SAP ABAP on HANA?  This is the question many people ask themselves when considering the job market in their field.

For a Non-IT Graduate:

SAP ABAP and SAP HANA are currently a hot topic in the employment market, but is it beneficial for a non-IT graduate to have this as part of their CV? The employment market has been growing at a slow pace since the global financial crisis that began in 2008, with various factors inhibiting any major growth. This makes it difficult for those with limited experience to find employment, but this also makes it more important to have an education that is adaptable and transferable to other industries – regardless of previous work experience.

The field of information technology has been experiencing an increase in demand, particularly among financial institutions that continue to evolve their information systems and online services.

If you are a non-IT graduate and interested in pursuing SAP development then it is highly encouraged that you undertake study in this area as there are many different career opportunities associated with this, including:

Even though there may be development opportunities available for non-IT graduates, it is important to bear in mind that continuing your education and undertaking an information systems degree will allow you to pursue these development opportunities.

Career Opportunities on SAP ABAP on HANA:

Organizations that offer such opportunities include IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP – whilst even the companies that do not offer development opportunities to non-IT graduates are still highly interested in their future. Professional development is a crucial part of an individual’s career progression, and it is important for a non-IT graduate to consider this at an early stage in their career.

SAP ABAP can be seen as an essential element of a professional job as it seamlessly integrates with other programs to create a user-friendly interface that allows users to interact with the system more easily.

This can be seen as an essential development for both IT graduates entering the workplace and non-IT students who wish to pursue their career in the information technology field.

ABAP Development for SAP HANA:

SAP ABAP is an essential element for any professional considering a career in SAP, as it seamlessly integrates with other programs to create a user-friendly interface that allows users to interact with the system more easily.

By choosing to do SAP ABAP on SAP HANA training it is possible to pursue a career in this field and have the benefits of a higher salary than just using it as an investment and add-on, which can be done by any academic level.

There are many different factors that we, individually, take into account when choosing careers and this includes experience, salary and future growth potential.


Even though there can be a number of benefits to pursuing a career in IT, it is important that you are aware of these factors and give them consideration when choosing your career path. By considering these factors with the help of the best institute of sap hana in Hyderabad you will be more likely to have a successful potential career.

It is essential that you have the appropriate tools for the job and this includes having the necessary education and experience for any work position that you are considering entry into. It is also crucial that you choose a position that aligns with your interests, personality traits, values and skills.