SAP FICO Online Training in Hyderabad

SAP FICO is one of the most integral parts of SAP ERP. FI stands for financial accounting whereas, CO represents Controlling. This module is all about the management of finance in a business. Any aspirant can now get a detailed SAP FICO real time projects training in Hyderabad as Igrowsoft stands as the finest institute that provides quality education.

Is it tough to learn SAP FICO?

SAP FICO comes with a lifetime opportunity in the present date where everyone is competing to land a well-settled job. Now, learning the module may seem hard, but let us assure you that it is no big deal as Igrowsoft offers the best kind of SAP FICO training with job guarantee. It may be a demanding career, but any student with the right kind of dedication and motivation can become an SAP FICO consultant. 

How to start a career in SAP FICO?

Firstly, you will need to sign up for an SAP FICO training course in a recognized institute. And let us make sure that Igrowsoft is known as the finest FICO online training institute in Hyderabad. The SAP school does not only provide high-end certification training but also grooms each and every student so they can enter the job market head-on. 

Learn SAP FICO the best way!

From subject-based detailed learning to practical lessons, the trainees receive all of it. Moreover, Igrowsoft leads you towards a better and finer career path. The tutors in the institute have gained first-hand experience from leading companies in various industries across the world. Therefore, the SAP FICO learners are bound to get the best of the best. In addition, Igrowsoft offers a placement guarantee to every SAP FICO trainee, so they can begin their career with a most positive boost. 

Does SAP FICO have a good future?

  • Standing in 2022, let us confirm that, yes, SAP FICO is indeed one of the most demanding modules of SAP ERP. A huge number of career opportunities arrive with SAP FICO certification as major organizations across the industries are now relying on SAP systems.
  • Furthermore, the career growth in SAP FICO is very good and strategic though it is a step-by-step process. But smart work will lead any SAP FICO fresher to high positions within a few years. It takes a minimum of two years of job experience to become a consultant.
  • After that, any hard-working consultant can achieve the position of Senior Consultant within five years. Also, there are many senior positions for SAP FICO experts in various industries. 

Who can learn or enrol for the SAP FICO training course?

As we mentioned, anyone with a positive dream for their future can enroll on the SAP FICO training course. All that is required in an SAP FICO student is a keen interest in the module and the ability to work hard and smart. Nonetheless, the basic qualifications are – 

  • A graduation degree (B.COM, BBA, CA, CS, B. Tech, BSC, CFA)
  • Good communication and computer skills
  • Postgraduates in M.COM, MBA, and such courses can also learn SAP FICO
  • Any experience in working with accounting software can apply

What kind of jobs can an SAP FICO trainee get? 

SAP FICO covers almost every kind of industry and business as it is a system that allows an organization to handle the entirety of its financial data. So, an SAP FICO trainee gets ample job options after passing the SAP FICO course with placement. The SAP FICO professionals can hold the position as – 

  • Process Developer
  • Project Leader
  • SAP FICO Consultant
  • SAP Functional consultant
  • SAP Financial accounting consultant
  • SAP Controlling Consultant
  • SAL FICO Lead
  • Senior Finance Functional Consultant (for SAP FICO/COPA Modules)
  • SAP FICO Program Manager
  • SAP FICO Delivery Manager
  • SAP FICO Functional Consultant
  • SAP FICO Support Consultant

Wrapping up, let us inform you that no other SAP institute in Hyderabad offers the kind of excellence that Igrowsoft delivers. Igrowsoft is, by far, the best school that offers SAP FICO certification in Ameerpet. Our previous students have proved their brilliance across industries over the years, and we plan to spread the same kind the distinction among our future students.