Let’s begin with how certification is a significant part of any career. Getting a valid certification from any renowned institute for any job, no matter how trivial it may be. Therefore, when it comes to SAP FICO, we all know how vital a module this is. Getting SAP FICO course certification is obviously necessary to build a successful career.

SAP FICO: one of the most developed modules of SAP ERP!

What is the SAP FICO course?

The FICO module operates everything related to finance in a business. While ‘FI’ represents Financial Accounting, ‘CO’ depicts Controlling. It is the part of SAP ERP that holds the leash of financial management. Now, the SAP FICO course is basically a certification degree training that teaches how to handle finance management in an organisation using SAP. The SAP FICO module covers all kinds of organizations in various industries.

Is SAP FICO in demand at the present?

SAP FICO stands as the finest ERP globally as the demand and credibility are increasing every day! That is the reason SAP FICO offers a great number of career leads in the domain. Moreover, businesses, that used to run depending on ECC models, are now leaning towards ERP choosing FICO as its base. 

SAP FICO career growth is all-time high at the present for its growing utilization. Companies, that have implemented SAP ERP, do not just need FICO consultants but experts for commercial works and management. And that need continues to grow at the moment. 

Where to get the best SAP FICO certification?

You need only ask because the best institute with a world-class environment has its gates open for future SAP FICO experts. Igrowsoft is one of the leading SAP FICO training institutes in Hyderabad, India. Located in Ameerpet, this school crafts excellence. Igrowsoft provides subject-based comprehensive learning as well as detailed practical lessons, so the trainees know how to manage hard to harder situations in the field. 

The students in Igrowsoft receive the finest kind of education from tutors who have gained years of experience through working in leading companies in various industries across the world. This SAP school grooms each and every trainee, so they are ready to handle any kind of challenge after graduating with the SAP FICO certificate. 

Furthermore, Igrowsoft offers 100% placement. The trainees pave their path to the brightest future, and Igrowsoft holds their hands in every step till they are ready to take on the world. Partnered with renowned companies all over the world, Igrowsoft supports all the students until they begin their journey to success.

What are the benefits of learning SAP FICO?

SAP FICO career opportunities keep on growing day by day. Leading organizations in various industries are looking for SAP FICO experts. This is why anyone interested in SAP ERP can learn SAP FICO. All you need is dedication and the right kind of motivation, and you may end up holding your dream position in a chief organization. During the SAP FICO training course, the students are taught – 

  • Structure of functional modules – FI & CO in the SAP ERP system.
  • Effective implementation of finance controlling (FI/CO) in the SAP ERP database.
  • How to solve day-to-day issues regarding finance control (FI/CO) as an expert.
  • Integration with SAP MM (material management), SAP SD (sales and distribution), and Production. 
  • Interaction among end-users to manage business demands. 

How to get a job as an SAP FICO expert?

Employers across the globe look for several qualities in applicants. All you have to do is to have them ticked off in your resume. The requirements are:

  • A graduation/PG degree in any preferably B. Tech, B. Sc., M. Tech, M. Sc., BA, BBA, MBA, BCA.
  • Any experience in the ERP or non-ERP domain.
  • Your lookout regarding the present corporate scenario and how you are to perform.
  • Any outstanding skills you possess that may benefit the company.
  • SAP FICO certification degree.

Wrapping up, all we can mention is how demanding the SAP FICO module is and how we are to witness its constant growth in the coming decades. An SAP FICO course certification is the first step you can take to begin your journey to success.