Tips to Starting a Career as an SAP FICO Consultant

Your career is one of the priority that everybody thinks about it. We have done our best for better future and career growth. In the advance technology time, we all are here and looking forward to the fast pace. SAP is one of the renowned courses and offers so many courses along with different course. It’s a professional and largest job providers of software application enterprises that would help in better resource planning. Over the period this SAP was more developed to work in different processes. SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling) are of the growing SAP modules which are used, and those candidates who are looking to grow with the career perspective needs to be a very strong base to cover all these major aspects.

Overview of SAP FICO
Finance is the most vital role for anyone as an individual or enterprise so it needs to be great to stay out of stress and complex. To make your finance journey easy and smooth SAP finance Accounting is the name that is going to be helpful and upgrades finance management for any company. This financial accounting module of SAP has become a complete package which is really fruitful for any organization to maintain its finance department. It allows the company to allows one to review the financial status of an organization in the real-time market.

The need for SAP FI module 
SAP Financial Accounting is mainly connected with the balance if financial management with better ideas for ventures. To influence any business, account goes about as a vital piece of it, which requires flawless administration abilities. The executives of money related bookkeeping physically is saddling and muddled. Therefore, SAP FI is executed in the association to improve the procedure of the executives in taking care of records and budgetary prerequisites. It causes the organization to assess its money related situation in the market. 

The need of SAP Controlling (CO) 
SAP Controlling (CO) module helps in arranging, keeping up, supporting and administering business forms in any organization. It is legitimately connected to monetary bookkeeping, as it sees and composes the related expenses. It likewise oversees and designs ace information which covers the data identified with inner requests benefit focuses, cost focuses cost components, and significantly more. 

Both the modules, whenever connected, help the experts in business the executives through information the board and financial accounting to go into the universe of budgetary bookkeeping, you first need: 

SAP FICO advisor
Advisors are liable for the framework set up and execution dependent on necessities of the business, refining techniques, the analysis of GAAP and searching for new undertakings. Specialists could be either outside or inward. Outside experts are the piece of the user group. Their capacity closes when a task goes live. While interior experts work for the organization during usage and considerably after the task goes live. (Read More)


  1. Executing SAP Business Warehouse (BW) in ventures. 
  2. To corporate and direct different experts from PS, PP, PM, and MM modules 
  3. Preparing the newcomers and the end clients. 
  4. Offering help in the testing procedure to observe issues and blunders in the documentation or applied business forms. 
  5. To utilize all open doors for the improvement of business frameworks. 

Wrapping Up
Its setup depends on business necessities. Instead of SAP FI training for consultant, and SAP CO advisor preparing, you have an option to go for SAP FICO preparing. It creates mastery as well as upgrades understanding for better administration of revealing and money management in an endeavour. Additionally, you can join Koenig Solutions for the improvement of your administration abilities in a superior manner. Expecting you to be complete guileless in the field, they initiate with the essential ideas to acquaint you with all the degree of SAP usage. Along these lines, no earlier learning is expected to begin this SAP Certification course.