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SAP MM Training

SAP MM (Material Management) is a core module within the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, designed to streamline and automate the processes related to material procurement and inventory management in an organisation. It integrates seamlessly with other SAP mm courses in bangalore modules to ensure smooth and efficient operations across various business functions.

Key Components and Functions

Procurement Process:

Purchase Requisition (PR): Internal document generated to request the procurement of materials or services.

Purchase Order (PO): Formal document issued to vendors to procure goods/services.

Goods Receipt (GR): Recording the receipt of goods in the inventory system.

Invoice Verification: Ensuring that invoices from vendors match the purchase orders and goods receipts before making payments.

Inventory Management:

Goods Issue: Documenting the removal of goods from inventory for production or sales.

Stock Transfer: Moving inventory between different storage locations or plants.

Physical Inventory: Counting and verifying physical stock against system records to ensure accuracy.

Material Master Data:

Material Master Record: Central repository for information on materials an organisation procures, manufactures, stores, and sells.

Vendor Master Record: Comprehensive information about vendors, including contact details and payment terms.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP):

Planning Run: Calculates material requirements based on production plans and inventory levels.

Reorder Point Planning: Automatically triggers procurement when stock levels fall below a predefined threshold.

Invoice Verification:

Matching: Ensures that purchase orders, goods receipts, and invoices are aligned.

Handling Discrepancies: Manages credit and debit memos to correct discrepancies.

Valuation and Account Determination:

Automatic Account Determination: Links material movements to appropriate financial accounts.

Split Valuation: Allows different valuation methods for a single material based on factors like origin and quality.

Integration with Other SAP Modules:

SAP MM integrates with various other sap mm online training Bangalore

 modules to provide a comprehensive ERP solution:

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution): Aligns procurement with sales and order fulfilment processes.

SAP PP (Production Planning): Coordinates material procurement with production schedules.

SAP QM (Quality Management): Ensures quality control of procured materials.

SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling): Manages financial transactions and cost accounting related to materials.

Benefits of SAP MM:

Efficiency: Automates procurement and inventory processes, reducing manual work and errors.

Cost Management: Helps in managing procurement costs and optimising inventory levels.

Accuracy: Ensures accurate and consistent data across the organisation.

Integration: Facilitates seamless integration with other business processes and SAP modules.

Career Opportunities:

Professionals with expertise in SAP MM can pursue various roles, including:

SAP MM Consultant

Procurement Specialist

Inventory Manager

Supply Chain Manager

SAP MM Analyst

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