What is today’s position of SAP FICO certified consultants?

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Oftentimes for finance-related jobs, the chance of a potential candidate not being able to obtain the necessary certification is high. This is due to the time and financial commitment made by those who are seeking to become certified, usually outside of their current work schedule. So, what is today’s position of Sap FICO certified consultants?

It seems that there are now more SAP FICO trained people than ever before when looking at website mention data on Searches.


FICO is an intensive program with a curriculum that includes courses, training modules and a field test application. Sap fico online course will give you the best information.

There are certainly different scenarios that a business may have for certifications. But in general, it helps put the consultant at higher status within their organization.

The current position of certified consultants is good and we obviously see more growth in the future. Organizations will always be looking for trained candidates with a wide range of skills and experience to join their team!

SAP FICO consultants were in demand in various industries. The responsibilities of consultants are implementing, configuring, and maintaining its financial and controlling modules for the organizations.

Among the functions of consultants are financial consolidation, planning and budgeting, controlling, central finance reporting, controlling report processing for different business units. The job description and skills required for certified consultants vary depending on the industry type they work in. The job roles of certified consultants may include. The financial accounting consultant, financial specialist, general accountant, strategic analyst (financial), research analyst (financial), senior accountant or even the controller.

To become a consultant, Sap fico training is very important and helpful. It is to obtain a better position in many areas of finance and Accounting organizations.

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Without business process knowledge: It is often the case that candidates will go through the whole process of becoming a certified SAP FICO consultant and end up making no difference to their client’s business or sales.

Without understanding customer needs: It is common for candidates to approach jobs without even knowing what they are applying for. Under this circumstance, it is nearly impossible to successfully meet the challenge.

Without software knowledge: A lot of people accept assignments without realizing they need to have sufficient knowledge of systems that make the application work properly. This very much depends on job roles and clients.

So, the Sap fico online course will help you to overcome the above problems.

Some of the roles of SAP FICO consultants:

Financial Analyst:

FICO consultants can be promoted to financial analysts, where they will provide financial analysis and support to the organization. They will also work closely with business stakeholders to ensure the best use of it in supporting the organization’s financial decision-making.

Technical Lead:

This role is most suited for experienced consultants who can lead a team of technical and functional resources in an implementation or project. Technical leads may be responsible for supervising and coordinating all the technical aspects of implementing new or customizing existing SAP Financial Accounting & Controlling, including working with third parties, change management, functional testing, and training.

SAP Finance and Accounting Management (FAM):

FAM contains the key economic and accounting functions, which include financial planning, budgeting, control and optimization of financial resources. This role working with Finance and Accounting business analysts begins with the creation of company-wide budgets, financial planning and forecasts for the organization. Fam consultants review budget proposals from business units as well as employee compensation plans. They also produce a quarterly report on the status of the system’s implementation.

FICO Solution Architect:

Solutions architects are responsible for working with business partners on the design and implementation of customizing SAP Financial Accounting & Controlling (FAC) solutions. They also oversee the project’s change management, including user training, testing and implementation.

Senior Consultant:

Overall responsibility for conducting audits and performing internal reviews for the organization’s SAP FICO implementation or improvement projects. Consultants help organizations by researching existing systems and uncovering opportunities to improve finance processes. They work closely with internal resources as well as third party services to ensure that all changes are implemented properly.


FICO trainers are responsible for training and guiding users in the implementation of SAP FICO. They also provide technical support, ensuring that users can operate the system effectively.

Functional Consultant:

Functional consultants work closely with business partners to ensure that business processes are integrated into SAP systems. They also perform a variety of tasks including financial analysis, consolidation and reporting functions.

SAP Group Accountant:

Group accountants provide support to financial executives by providing information. It is in regards to the accounting structures used by systems. And how they can be implemented for the organization’s needs.

Implementation Consultant:

Implementation consultants are responsible for helping organizations implement SAP Financial Accounting & Controlling (FAC) and achieving the best business results. Consultants work closely with the finance team to understand their unique business requirements, objectives and workflows. They then help the organization build a financial strategy by interacting directly with business partners, as well as with third party service providers.

Finance and Accounting Functional Consultant:

Functional consultants share in-depth knowledge of SAP Financial Accounting & Controlling (FAC) to support a broad range of accounting functional work. It is in the financial analysis, consolidation, reporting functions and internal control assessment systems for both large and small companies.


Today’s position of SAP FICO consultant is high because their role in the organization is a very crucial and important function. They will have many responsibilities such as Technical Solution Architect, Functional Consultant, Functional Consultant/ Senior Consultant Project Manager, Implementation consultant and more. They can also be promoted to project management to perform Marketing, Sales and Service.

Consultants with training from an application development environment or a consulting background are typically equally experienced with the specific functions of it.
The consultants can learn how to eradicate financial mismanagement within organizations by gaining a better understanding of Financial Accounting & Controlling (FAC) structure and functions. Hope you have got an idea about the current demand for FICO experts. And how to stand out from the crowd with Sap fico training.